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Start as a level 1 with the funds to buy you a weapon and maybe some armour if your wise enough. will you be a humble worker and haggle your way for gold and become rich or will you fight your way to the top. If you can!

Joining/Owning Clans and making friends to climb to the top well, Fighting anyone that tries to stop you on your way to destiny. Is this your time to control the Souls? Why wait to answer that question when you can answer it now...Its your Time Warrior fight now, live or die, you decide in your own Soul Quest.

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Posted July 23, 2016, 1:14 am
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The Soul Quest Races These beings have special abilities granted only to their race. Combined with special training, over time these beings will naturally become more experienced with their bodies and minds. As their skill level increases, their abilities not only grow more powerful, but they will learn new, more advanced abilities as well.

The most scholarly and noble of the races, Humans have always taken the greatest interest in learning about their world, and developing better tools and machines to make life easier. Alas, they are often considered a greedy and selfish bunch, but humans do know how to make money extremely well.

  • Skill Level 1 - 10% gold bonus, 0.5% chance of withstanding fatal attack
  • Skill Level 2 - 16% gold bonus, 1.0% chance of withstanding fatal attack
  • Skill Level 3 - 23% gold bonus, 1.5% chance of withstanding fatal attack
  • Skill Level 4 - 31% gold bonus, 2.0% chance of withstanding fatal attack
  • Skill Level 5 - 40% gold bonus, 2.5% chance of withstanding fatal attack
  • Skill Level 6 - 50% gold bonus, 3.0% chance of withstanding fatal attack, 1% bonus chance of critical hit
  • Skill Level 7 - 61% gold bonus, 3.5% chance of withstanding fatal attack, 2% bonus chance of critical hit
  • Skill Level 8 - 73% gold bonus, 4.0% chance of withstanding fatal attack, 3% bonus chance of critical hit
  • Skill Level 9 - 86% gold bonus, 4.5% chance of withstanding fatal attack, 4% bonus chance of critical hit
  • Skill Level 10 - 100% gold bonus, 5.0% chance of withstanding fatal attack, 5% bonus chance of critical hit

An intelligent group of individuals, Elves have always been known for their magical abilities combined with strong military skills. Their love of nature gives them an instinct for survival, and excellent knowledge of how to use the tools available to them.

  • Skill Level 1 - 20% chance to heal 5% of current hp after every attack
  • Skill Level 2 - 22% chance to heal 5% of current hp after every attack, 113% of normal max
  • HP Skill Level 3 - 24% chance to heal 5% of current hp after every attack, 118% of normal max
  • HP Skill Level 4 - 26% chance to heal 5% of current hp after every attack, 123% of normal max
  • HP Skill Level 5 - 28% chance to heal 5% of current hp after every attack, 128% of normal max
  • HP Skill Level 6 - 30% chance to heal 5% of current hp after every attack, 133% of normal max
  • HP Skill Level 7 - 32% chance to heal 5% of current hp after every attack, 138% of normal max
  • HP Skill Level 8 - 34% chance to heal 5% of current hp after every attack, 143% of normal max
  • HP Skill Level 9 - 36% chance to heal 5% of current hp after every attack, 145% of normal max
  • HP Skill Level 10 - 40% chance to heal 8% of current hp after every attack, 150% of normal max HP

Skin of black, hair white like a spider's web illumed in the night. They are the Drow's, and their stories are told here. Do you dream? Can you fathom a world of unfounded depths, of hundreds of miles of encasing stone? Do you know of beauty in the darkness? Do you know the Drows? Perhaps your tale can be told here...

No one knows where or how this race diverged from there Eleven kin, but their more mysterious counterparts have been making themselves known as of late. Horrible stories have been heard of those unfortunate enough to come across these warriors in battle, and it is rumoured their evil is fast outstripping even that of the Orcs.

  • Skill Level 1 - 5% of the opponents damage hits them as well.
  • Skill Level 2 - 7% of the opponents damage hits them as well, 5% evasion
  • Skill Level 3 - 9% of the opponents damage hits them as well, 6% evasion
  • Skill Level 4 - 11% of the opponents damage hits them as well, 7% evasion
  • Skill Level 5 - 13% of the opponents damage hits them as well, 8% evasion, +5% Agility bonus.
  • Skill Level 6 - 15% of the opponents damage hits them as well, 9% evasion, +8% Agility bonus.
  • Skill Level 7 - 17% of the opponents damage hits them as well, 10% evasion, +10% Agility bonus.
  • Skill Level 8 - 19% of the opponents damage hits them as well, 11% evasion, +12% Agility bonus.
  • Skill Level 9 - 20% of the opponents damage hits them as well, 12% evasion, +15% Agility bonus.
  • Skill Level 10 - 20% of the opponents damage hits them as well, 15% evasion, +17% Agility bonus.

NB: Damage reversion cannot lower an opponent below 1 hp, and is only half as effective on Special and Boss NPCs. Reversion won't happen if you evade successfully.

Gnomes are a friendly but powerful race of individuals. Efficient at everything they do, the Gnome race is known for their disproportionate strength unmatched by most other races. Unfortunately, that strength and efficiency is matched by a love of eating.

  • Skill Level 1 - 12% damage blocked, +10% armour
  • Skill Level 2 - 14% damage blocked, +12% armour
  • Skill Level 3 - 16% damage blocked, +14% armour
  • Skill Level 4 - 18% damage blocked, +16% armour
  • Skill Level 5 - 20% damage blocked, +18% armour
  • Skill Level 6 - 21% damage blocked, Able to equip any armour, +20% armour, Gem finds doubled, Conversion, socketing, smithing rates allot cheeper(3%).
  • Skill Level 7 - 22% damage blocked, Able to equip any armour, +25% armour, Gem finds doubled, Conversion, socketing, smithing rates allot cheaper(4%).
  • Skill Level 8 - 23% damage blocked, Able to equip any armour, +30% armour, Gem finds doubled, Conversion, socketing, smithing rates allot cheaper(5%).
  • Skill Level 9 - 24% damage blocked, Able to equip any armour, +35% armour, Gem finds doubled, Conversion, socketing, smithing rates allot cheaper(7%).
  • Skill Level 10 - 25% damage blocked, Able to equip any armour, +40% armour, Gem finds doubled, Conversion, socketing, smithing rates allot cheaper(8%).

The most evil of the races, Orcs are cruel, selfish, and arrogant. Lovers of destruction and chaos, they are the most ferocious warriors on the planet. Because of their nature, they require little individual space and can grow quite quickly. They also have the experience of being able to loot money from a corpse, no matter how well the victim has concealed it.

  • Skill Level 1 - 10% bonus attack damage
  • Skill Level 2 - 11% bonus attack damage, 90% normal wep/armour requirements, 5% chance of stealing 2.0% gold in a PvP Battle
  • Skill Level 3 - 12% bonus attack damage, 80% normal wep/armour requirements, 10% chance of stealing 2.5% gold in a PvP Battle
  • Skill Level 4 - 13% bonus attack damage, 75% normal wep/armour requirements, 20% chance of stealing 3.0% gold in a PvP Battle
  • Skill Level 5 - 14% bonus attack damage, 70% normal wep/armour requirements, 30% chance of stealing 3.5% gold in a PvP Battle, +5% Strength bonus.
  • Skill Level 6 - 15% bonus attack damage, 65% normal wep/armour requirements, 40% chance of stealing 4.0% gold in a PvP Battle, +8% Strength bonus.
  • Skill Level 7 - 16% bonus attack damage, 60% normal wep/armour requirements, 50% chance of stealing 4.5% gold in a PvP Battle, +10% Strength bonus.
  • Skill Level 8 - 17% bonus attack damage, 55% normal wep/armour requirements, 50% chance of stealing 5.0% gold in a PvP Battle, +12% Strength bonus.
  • Skill Level 9 - 18% bonus attack damage, 50% normal wep/armour requirements, 50% chance of stealing 5.5% gold in a PvP Battle, +15% Strength bonus.
  • Skill Level 10 - 22% bonus attack damage, 50% normal wep/armour requirements, 50% chance of stealing 6.0% gold in a PvP Battle, +17% Strength bonus.

NB: Amount of gold stolen is based on a % of the amount of gold the targeted player has at the end of the battle.

The Undead are an unnatural species with amazingly unique abilities. Unfortunately, their nature makes it difficult to understand the arts of science, possibly preventing them from true greatness. Not being truly alive, the undead have the capacity to fight on and on without tiring. They can have the unique ability to channel powerful hatred energy from the dead. This death energy not only harms the opponents mind, but allows the Undead to grow stronger faster than other races.

  • Skill Level 1 - 6.0% chance of no energy consumption, 5% exp bonus
  • Skill Level 2 - 6.5% chance of no energy consumption, Only pay 50% for healing, 6% exp bonus
  • Skill Level 3 - 7.0% chance of no energy consumption, Only pay 50% for healing, 7% exp bonus
  • Skill Level 4 - 7.5% chance of no energy consumption, Only pay 40% for healing, 8% exp bonus
  • Skill Level 5 - 8.0% chance of no energy consumption, Only pay 40% for healing, 9% exp bonus
  • Skill Level 6 - 8.5% chance of no energy consumption, Only pay 30% for healing, 11% exp bonus
  • Skill Level 7 - 9.0% chance of no energy consumption, Only pay 30% for healing, 13% exp bonus
  • Skill Level 8 - 9.0% chance of no energy consumption, Only pay 20% for healing, 15% exp bonus
  • Skill Level 9 - 9.0% chance of no energy consumption, Only pay 20% for healing, 25% exp bonus
  • Skill Level 10 - 11.0% chance of no energy consumption, Free healing, 35% exp bonus

NB: Exp bonus is applied before your weapon experience bonus - the two bonuses have no effect on each other. The bonus is not applied if you are the one being attacked.

Welcome to Soul Quest

Deep in the mountains, far from everyone and everything was a castle, Shirestone keep, the lord of the castle was a good and just man, his fairness in his dealings were the pride of his people.

After many years of peaceful rule the people and races of his land grew to love their lord, his kind generous way's helping them to live in harmony with each other and prosperity was high.

One day a dark stranger came into the lands, his dark countenance and bedraggled appearance lending credibility to his stories and tales of war and horror. Stories of unimaginable horrors and demons spreading across the lands spreading destruction and horror, killing anything that stood in their way.

Panic and worry began to spread around the region people believing the tales of death and destruction, defeat and death flew like wildfire, people began to hide behind closed doors, whispering and with each telling the stories became more horrible.

After a time the lord of Shirestone Keep came to hear of this stranger who was spreading stories and rumours amongst his people, so he summoned him so that he could hear of the misfortunes that were befalling the lands.

After the stranger had visited the lord lots of strange things began to happen. The lord locked himself in his keep, rejecting all request's from his people to see him, taxes were raised to insufferable highs, the people struggling to pay them and support their families at the same time. Son's and fathers were pressed into service of the lords protection, most of them never being seen or herd from again.

Things began to fall apart in the region, separate races began to reinstate their old loyalties and blood feuds against each other, the Humans hated everyone who wasn't a human, the Elves began to regain their skills with healing and their weapon lore. The Drow's were a strange race that hadn't been seen much in years in the region due to spending all their time in their dark tunnels began to arrive in the town, something in the tunnels was scaring them out into the day light, but when questioned they refused to say what was happening.

The Gnomes, once a peaceful race began to develop their killing skills, practicing with their weapons daily, their blood lust showing on their faces turning them into cruel masks of their former peace loving selves.

Things finally came to a head with a great big fire that ripped through the city, the demons and horrors had arrived, people were slaughtered all over the place, only a few survived.

The survivors were taken to a far distant land, where they were kept as slaves, their lives made hell by their masters, kept as gladiators, made to kill for their captors entertainment.

One day however a slave rose through the ranks, rose till there were no fighters who would dare to step into the coliseum with him, they would cower in fear in the slave huts. He decided to do something about the slaves situation and decided to lead a revolt against the people who had caused this to happen.

Once the revolt was over, he gathered the remaining slaves to him and led them back home, back to the remains of their lives and their city.

As a token of their gratitude to this great warrior the people decided to reinstate an age old tradition, as someone came of age they had to do a quest, to prove they were worthy of descending from this great warrior. This is how the great Soul Quest started, this is how YOUR Soul Quest has begun, are you brave enough to battle to the top, strong enough to hold back your enemies, passionate enough to rise to the top of the land and become the No 1 Soul Quester ?

The Soul Quest Law

Crimes & punishments
Following is a listing of violations of game law, and the resulting punishments. If the felonious player holds multiple accounts, all accounts may be subjected to the same punishment. (That is to say the offender is a person behind any given number of accounts, not just a particular account) Some offences may result in temporary suspension of posting privileges, the jail terms are reserved for repeat offenders. Game staff reserves the right to interpret these laws in certain situations to maintain the spirit of said laws.

Selling Game Information
Bug Abuse
Ripping/Bad Trades/Clan Staff Selling
MB/Chat Ignorance
Game/Chat Rules
Admin Begging
Mass One-way Transactions
Promoting other games/URLs
Clan Banner / Signature Images
Game Secret Plotting
Clan Ownership
Multiple Clan Ownership
External Trading
Renaming Weapons
Profile pictures and profile text
Player Harassment
Staff Harassment / Slander
Appendix A
Player-Staff interaction
Repeat offenders
Loss of items due to unauthorized access or "hacking"
Wrongful Accusations

Hacking - Do not deliberately access another person's account without their prior consent. This also includes giving any links or sites that cause people to do things within their account without their knowledge or consent. Logging into or using another person's account without express permission will result in deletion of any/all of the offender's accounts. To clarify the account sharing issue, you cannot share an account with another person. You may "baby-sit" or "take care of" someone's account, but you may not use another person's account as your own for a prolonged period of time. This rule is mainly in place to deal with situations where two people claim ownership over an account.
Also you may not do anything to the game, that may interfere with general game play, like hacking chat, or any page, using any sort of code.
Punishment: Deletion

Selling game information - Exchanging information for any kind of currency, whether game currency or real currency, is strictly prohibited. All game information is free and readily available for those who seek it. Don't take advantage of people by trying to charge people for it.
Punishment: 10 days Jail

Slutting - Do not batte in any type of fashion sense. For example, you are not allowed to pay players to attack you multiple times, revive, etc. Also to keep the game friendly limit your attacks on one person to 5 times aday. No more then this.
Punishment: 5 days Jail or Fines.

Blackmail - Threatening to report players who broke game rules unless you get something in return is unacceptable behavior. If you think someone is breaking game rules, please report it to an admin. Anyone caught trying to scare players into payment will be thrown in jail.
Punishment: 15 days Jail

Bug Abuse - If you find a bug or glitch that can be profited from, don't let us find out that you took advantage of it. ;) Depending on severity, game bug abuse will result in anywhere from a 30 day jail term to account deletion. Bugs, loopholes, security flaws, or any inconsistencies in the game should be immediately reported in the appropriate thread on the message boards or, if the subject in question is too sensitive for the message boards, you should contact one of the Game Developers (usually Managers or coders) with a detailed imail description.
Punishment: 30 Days/ Deletion

Ripping/Bad Trades/Clan Staff Selling - Taking money from another player and then not providing what you offered is illegal. Clan staff position selling can not and will not be tolerated. Game staff recommends against this kind of action. You have been warned. (Note that if a trade is made, and the items sent/received are more then what was agreed on in chat or imail, whoever receives the extra funds must refund the other player right away. If any funds are accidentally sent from one player to another that were not part of any deal made in chat or imail or on the message boards, it is up to the receiver to make a moral decision to return the funds.)
Punishment: 15 days

MB Ignorance, Chat Ignorance - Do not break the rules of any message board. Do not break the rules of the chat room(s).
Punishment: According to individual rules

Game's rules / Chat's rules - Game's rules apply in chat, as well as the chat's rules apply all over the game. For example, if you are asked to behave in game according to a rule that is found only in chat's rules, then you should obey, since chat is part of this game as well.
Punishment: According to the broken rule + the punishment for disobeying a direct command of a staff member.

Impersonation - Do not change names or how it appears to anything having to do with staff or imail players telling them you're staff - doing so is completely against Soul Quest Rules. Chat Monitor and up are considered staff members, Chat Monitor Trainee's can also not be impersonated, same punishment will apply.
Punishment: 15 days

Admin Begging - Do not ask Admin or Managers for currency or items, including asking for game secrets; feel free to ask for help, though. Anyone asking staff (or anyone else) about game secrets will be jailed.
Punishment: 10 days

Multi - Do not make more than one account. If you did that before you read this, imail an admin requesting them to delete your other account(s). One Account per user and only 5 accounts per IP Address/Computer Terminal. This is more than enough for a large family. No accounts on the same IP Address/Computer Terminal may trade with one another. If more then one member uses your computer, you must make sure yourself that you do not seem like a multi. Having your brother sending you his gold everyday isn't really having separate accounts. Using a clan or a "middle man" to try to hide your tracks and/or go around blocks that prevent multi trading can and will be used as evidence to persecute you under this rule. Persons found to have multiple accounts will have those accounts removed from the game and any assets/stats earned from or as a result of these accounts will removed, and their main account will jailed for 30 days. Furthermore, any one caught making new accounts while chat banned or jailed will find their sentence extended by 5 days for a first offense, 10 days for a second, etc.
Punishment: 30 Days + Deletion

Mass One-way Transactions: Many people have access to two or more PCs, thus we cannot count on IPs to help us catch all players using more than one account to cheat on this game. So, anyone caught sending massive (multiple) amounts of gems, gold, and/or mythril will be considered to be a multi, and will be treated as such. This includes using a clan or a middle man as a means of transfering these funds. Both accounts will be jailed, and all funds removed from the game. If you wish to explain your transactions, Contact DeathsAlive, a manager, a V-manager, or an Admin
Punishment: 30 Days

Promoting other games/URLs - Promoting other games or websites in Soul Quest will not be tolerated. If you promote them through imail then it becomes a general game offense. Inappropriate links or images sent through Imail, Chat, set as your phrase or represented in another form is considered a breach of this rule.
Punishment: 30 Days

Clan Banner / Signature Images - Any image used for your clan or Signature with a URL leading to another game will be considered advertising. The image will be removed and you will be punished according to the advertising rule.
Punishment: 30 Days

Game Secret Plotting - Do not talk about Game Secrets; sharing secrets is Extremely Illegal and will not go unpunished.
Punishment: 30 Days

Clan Ownership - All equipment and currency contained within clans, for example, B\branded weapons and armor, gems, and gold, is considered the property of the clan owner. Co-Owners may only use these items for the tasks they have been given permission to use them for. A Co-Owner who steals from a clan will be punished severely. Any clan without a leader set will be deleted. The clan will not be given to the co-leader.
Punishment: 30 Days

Multiple Clan Ownership - All players on Soul Quest may own only at most one clan. Any players caught using a second clan in any way will be jailed. Selling or trading a second clan is also illegal, as is selling a clan for a friend.
Punishment: 20 days jail, excess clans deleted

External Trading - Do not trade currency, items, or characters in this game for something out-of-game. You may not give your character to anybody. Doing so defeats the purpose of the game. If you are caught doing so, your punishment is up to Admins.
Punishment: 40 Days/ Deletion

Loans - Loans are allowed in Soul Quest, but the one that loans is not allowed to ask or accept interest for the loaned amounts. The loaned one is not allowed to offer or send more than the amount loaned to him/her. Also, loans are to be negotiated in mails or chat, and it is the sole responsibility of the loaner to make sure that the loaned amount has been returned at the due date. It is not the game's responsibility to solve the conflicts arising from this activity, nor to recuperate or return the lost amounts.
Punishment for asking/accepting/offering interest: 30 Days for both players

Flooding - Intentionally spamming or flooding the message boards, chat rooms, or other communication venues will result in a 5 day jail term.
Punishment: 10+ days

Renaming Weapons - Do not rename your weapons to anything inappropriate. This rule also includes using any URLs what so ever in the name.
A good and allowed name for a weapon is "The Sword of Doom" for example.
If you did this, "The Sword of Doom", that wouldn't be allowed either.
URLs in your weapon name is a 30 Day Jail. If you use color, your weapon will be renamed to its default name and color will be removed. Second warning will result in a 1,000,000 gold fine.

Profile pictures and profile text - Profile pictures - The maximum size accepted for the profile pictures is of 600 x 600 pixels. The pictures should not be innapropriate, should not contain outside Soul Quest links, and should not contain text in other languages but English.
Profile text - Should not contain leet, profane or hateful text, or links to outside Soul Quest sites.

For any of the above, a mail will be sent to the player, asking him/her to make a change/removal, or, according to the circumstances, a staff member will do the change/removal.
Punishment: For ignoring the mail or for changing back the staff editing: 5 Days. For containing outside Soul Quest links: 30 Days

Player Harassment - Game staff determine when communication crosses the line and becomes abusive. This is not to say everyone must play nice; this is a combat/competitive game after all. The harassment law only applies to continued and targeted harassment of a particular person, not sporadic insults. The following language assumes a staff member has deemed the interaction as continued harassment. Public harassment of fellow players will result in a 10 day jail term. In general, private communications are just that, private, and not subject to decency or harassment laws. Players are encouraged to use the provided privacy tools to stop harassment. With that said, persons who attempt to undermine the privacy tools will also get 10 days in jail. Degratory comments regarding other countries/races will not be allowed, nor will comments regarding sterotypes about those countries/races.
Punishment: 10 days

Staff Harassment / Slander - Any complaints against staff will be offered in a clear, courteous manner, free of profanity and overflowing in wit and charm. Slanderous/personal attacks/profane communications against staff members will not be tolerated, and will result in the offending remarks being removed and a 10 day jail sentence for the offender.
Punishment: 10 Days

Appendix A
Players have had questions regarding illumination of certain laws, boundaries, and scenarios, and here are the answers: Staff obligations to players Staff are obligated to respond to, and, if possible, assist in any requests made. Official conduct between players and staff by imail is fine. Players can expect a reply to their queries within 2 business days. (Please note: requests should not be made to upper game management directly, as you're not going to get "better help" by asking the Managers or Vice Managers.)

The account owner is responsible for their account(s) at all times. This means if your friends/family/pet crocodile logged into your account and causes trouble, you will be held responsible. Keep your username and password secure as you would for any other site or the pin number for your home alarm system or cash card.

Player-Staff interaction
Both players and staff are expected to co-exist in a polite and respectful environment. This applies to professional interaction only as there are instances when the staff member is acting in the capacity of a player and not an administrator. This is not to say a staff member may become abusive and claim they were acting in a player capacity, but it does mean a staff member need not be stoic at all times. They're volunteers, and need/have the right to relax/get into arguments, too. This should never be the case in professional settings, though (i.e. Customer Service requests).

Repeat offenders
Harsher punishments/deletions may occur for repeat offenders.

Loss of items due to unauthorized access or "hacking"
Lost items will only be returned to clans, provided the items can be tracked.

Wrongful Accusations
If you feel you have been unfairly jailed, chat banned, or any other form of punishment, imail upper management (Managers and Vice Managers) a formal complaint.

Do not try and use/exploit loopholes in the rules. Doing so will result in you receiving punishment as stated in the rule you attempted to use a loophole with. Repeated attempts of trying to use loopholes to get around rules will result in an extended punishment as according to the rules.

Terms of Service

These are the Terms of Service of ‘SoulQuest’ SoulQuest, Hence forth known as "The Game", Also the abbreviation "ToS" may also be used throughout the Terms. These Terms are not fixed, and are subject to change at anytime.

Major changes to the ToS will be announced as a Game News presented at logon, although it is the responsibility of the player to be aware of and in compliance with the ToS at all times. Failure to do so may result in the immediate deletion of your account.

SoulQuest Inc, SQ ("SoulQuest") does not guarantee connectivity.

This game is not intended for persons under fourteen years of age. Some content may be inappropriate for young children. By signing up an account you are stating you are fourteen years old or older. Players found to be underage will have their accounts terminated by staff.

You are allotted only one game account per individual. Individuals who are found to have multiple accounts (also known as "multis") will have all involved accounts deleted immediately and without warning.

We do not suggest the usage of the Internet Service Provider …AOL … There are problems with the accounts and many accounts are deleted because of mistaken Multiple Accounts. If you use an AOL connection, make sure you’re aware of the risks that other AOL users have the same logged IP Address. Therefore being branded as a possible multi.

SoulQuest is not censored. Verbally abusing staff and players is considered to be newbish behaviour, it reflects on your manners. You may be banned from chat, or muted from posting on message boards if you verbally abuse staff or other players. Users are required maintain a level of decency and not use strong, vulgar words.

Clan Censorship/Decency
Clans, on the whole, are clandestinely administered entities. Game decency laws do not apply to clan sections and settings that are not viewable by non-members. What is and isn't acceptable in this situation is up to the clan administration, provided it does not infringe on other game law. (For an understanding of what a clan is, please see the help files.)

Clan Ownership:
All equipment and currency contained within clans, for example Branded Weapons and Gold is considered the property of the clan owner. Co-Owners may only use these items for the tasks they have been given permission to use them for. A Co-Owner who steals from a clan will be punished severely.

Game Law:
Users agree to follow all game laws,and understand that violation will result in the given punishment.

Intellectual Rights
Any individual who attempts to reverse engineer, hack, gain unauthorized entry into or undermine the system integrity of the SoulQuest (including attempting to access any internal part of the game from an offsite location) will be dealt with to the fullest extent of the law.

Terminating Your Account
Individuals who no longer wish to play SoulQuest may terminate their accounts by not logging into their accounts. Players will be deleted after One Month of inactivity.

User Generated Content:
To the extent that portions of this Site provide users an opportunity to post and/or exchange information, ideas, and opinions ("Postings") in chat and message boards, and via Imails, and in descriptions of phrases, signatures and clans, please be advised that Postings do not necessarily reflect the views of SoulQuest RPG. Although we intermittently observe exchanged and posted information, in no event does SQ believe or have any responsibility or liability for any Postings or for any claims, damages or losses resulting from their use and/or appearance on or in conjunction with this Site or elsewhere. Users remain solely responsible for the content of their messages and postings. However, SQ reserves the right to edit, delete, or refuse to post any Posting that violates these Terms and Conditions, as well as revoke the privileges of any user who does not comply with these Terms and Conditions.

Operational Interference
Users agree not to, through use of software or other means, interfere with site operation and page content. Any automated software written to interact with the game can connect no more than once in a one minute period. Users agree to follow Administrator requests and instructions.

Obligations of SQ
SQ shall be not responsible for any failure to perform its obligations under this Agreement (Connectivity, loss of account information) if such failure is caused by events or conditions beyond SQ’s reasonable control.

Other sections of the game may have it's own rules (such as the chat room.) These rules are an addition to the ToS, not a replacement. Violation of these rules is considered to be a violation of the ToS and will be dealt with accordingly. Please familiarize yourself with all game rules before playing. Failure to be familiar with the game rules is not an excuse for breaking them and will not be accepted as a defence of your account. Ignorance of the law is not an excuse.

This site and all materials contained on it are distributed and transmitted on an "as is" and "as available" basis, without warranties of any kind, either express or implied. To the fullest extent permissible under applicable law, SoulQuest RPG disclaims all warranties, express or implied, including, without limitation, warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. SoulQuest RPG does not warrant that the functions contained in the site or materials will be uninterrupted or error-free, that defects will be corrected, or that this site or the servers that makes it available are free of viruses or other harmful components. SoulQuest RPG does not warrant or make any representations regarding the use or the results of the use of the materials in this site with regard to their correctness, accuracy, reliability, or otherwise. The entire risk as to the quality, accuracy, adequacy, completeness, correctness and validity of any material rests with you. You(i.e., not SoulQuest RPG) assume the complete cost of all necessary servicing, repair, or correction. Applicable law may not allow the exclusion of implied warranties, so the above exclusion may not apply to you.

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